About Us

Kitterman Law Firm was founded in March 1985.  Upon graduation from law school, passing the bar and being licensed to practice law, Greg Kitterman did not want to be tied down by the constraints of working for a large firm.  Instead, he wanted to focus on the needs of his clients and felt the best way to do this was to establish his own firm.

Mission Statement

We provide the highest quality legal representation to those in need of our services.

Greg Kitterman

Greg Kitterman was born and raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  The youngest child of a school teacher and a construction worker, Greg worked his way through college in the construction trade.  He knows what it’s like to put in long, physical hours to earn a living.  After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Greg attended the University of Arkansas School of Law.  He obtained his Juris Doctorate degree in December 1984; and passed the bar exam and received his license to practice law in March 1985.  Upon receiving his license to practice law, he founded Kitterman Law Firm in March 1985, and has been in private practice ever since. 

Greg’s practice of law has been quite diverse, and he has seen the legal profession from every angle.  He has represented Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil litigation, he has represented Defendants in criminal cases and has served as a special prosecutor, he has served as a special judge, and he has served as a juror.  This wealth of experience provides unique insight into representing his clients’ needs an in anticipating the pitfalls of a case. 

Greg has been actively involved in the legal community for the entirety of his career.  He has served on the Boards of Directors of both the Arkansas Bar Association and the Pulaski County Bar Association, and is the former President of the Arkansas Bar Foundation.  He is a member of the Arkansas, Pulaski County and American Bar Associations, and a member of the Pulaski County Bar Foundation.  In addition to legal activities, Greg volunteers time to youth involved in agriculture-related activities by serving as a judge at several Arkansas State Fair competitions such as the Rodeo Queen contest and livestock competitions. 

Greg is married to Susie.  They have two sons, Sol and Gregory.  When Greg is not busy serving his clients and community, he likes to spend time hunting and fishing with his sons or working in his garden.

Tracey Noel

Tracey Noel is originally from Monticello, a small town in southeast Arkansas. Her family moved to Little Rock when she was ten years old, and Tracey has called Little Rock home since that time. From the time she was a small girl visiting her grandfather’s office in the Drew County Courthouse, Tracey knew she wanted to work in the legal field, though not necessarily as a lawyer. Prowling the nooks and crannies of courthouse and seeing what went into getting a case ready for trial convinced Tracey that her calling was behind the scenes. With that in mind, she made the decision to become a paralegal.

Tracey’s duties include gathering information and evidence and working with Greg to put this together for trial. She is at her best when she is researching the law as it applies to your case or scouring through records looking for that one small detail that makes all the difference. She is very passionate about her work and deeply cares for our clients. Whether you have questions or concerns about your case, or just feel overwhelmed with your situation and need a sympathetic ear, she is here for you.

Tracey is active in animal rescue, and does volunteer work for several local rescue organizations. She also volunteers to drive for animal rescue transports, helping get rescued pets from shelters to new homes across the country.

Tracey is married to Lushon Noel. They have a son, Justin; a daughter, Shawna, and a grandson, Bradley. When she isn’t working on clients’ cases or working with animal rescue, Tracey can usually be found outside in her garden or in her kitchen trying out a new recipe.